What should I wear?
Bathers, board shorts, rash vests or wetsuits are perfect attire for the Park.  Please note; belt buckles, sharp buttons and poppers and any items that might cause damage to the obstacles are not permitted.  Jewellery is not permitted to be worn whilst using the Aqua Park.
How old do you have to be?

Minimum age is 6 years old.  A paying adult MUST accompany children 6-9 years old onto the Aqua Park obstacles (maximum 4 children per 1 adult).  Children 10-13 years old can use the park with a supervising adult on site.  Children 14+ can be at the park by themselves as long as they have a waiver signed for them.

When are you open?
Click here to see our current opening hours
Do I really need to book?

We highly recommend you book your session online especially at the weekends or during the holidays.  Spaces can be allocated at the Park on the day but this is not guaranteed.

How long before my session should I arrive?
You must be at the Park 30 minutes before your session to check in.  Participants that miss the safety briefing will not be permitted to join the session.
Do I have to wear a buoyancy vest?
Can I take my Go Pro onto the obstacles?

Sorry, to reduce the risk of obstacle damage, Go Pros and camera equipment are not allowed on the obstacles.  

How hard is it?

Most of the obstacles are very easy to use but some are more challenging.  All the obstacles are slippery but fun.  You must be able to swim and be able to pull yourself out of the water onto the floating platforms unassisted. 

Is the water safe?

Yes. It’s not a swimming pool, it is a man made, clay lined lake.  It’s large enough for water movement and customer participation along with natural water salinity to keep the lakes clean.  We have our own water testing program and the City of Rockingham regularly tests our water for microbiology. Occasionally a clay sediment will build up on the bottom of the obstacles, during sessions where the obstacles move this can be dislodged and pieces and float away. These lumps of clay sediment are not dangerous in any way.

How long does the waiver last for?
Once you have signed a waiver, it’s valid for 365 days from the date of signature. Repeat customers do not need to re sign a waiver if it’s within the 365 days. Don’t forget, if you have had a waiver signed on your behalf and you turn 16 during the 365 days, you will need to sign your own waiver.
Can i bring my dog?
Sorry, dogs are not permitted at the Park.